Clear Aligner Therapy
Types of Braces

At Fiero Orthodontics, we believe a healthy bite and beautiful smile can go a long way in improving a child's oral health, as well as their self-confidence.  You can be assured that we only recomment treatment when there is a true benefit to gain and we are happy to let you know when we believe treatment is not needed. 
The American Association of Orthodontist recommends that children have and initial orthodontic evaluation at age 7;  most orthodontic treatment begins between the ages of 9 and 14.   At the initial visit we will assess if your child is ready to begin treatment.  We look forward to meeting you  and your child.

The most common type of braces are stainless steel brackets.  These are the most popular and most affordable form of braces used today. Each bracket gets bonded to a tooth in the patient’s mouth and joined by the main wire. The brackets can be decorated with tiny elastics in a variety of colors.


Tooth-colored ceramic braces are another type of popular braces;  these braces are made to blend in with the natural color of a tooth’s enamel. Ceramic braces are more "brittle" than metal and because they can break easier, they are usually recommended for adult treatment only.

Our office is very experienced at coordinating seamless care with your dentist and/or other dental specialists to achieve the best possible results.  Since adult patients often present with complex dental problems, a team approach is usually


Many times,  a limited course of treatment may be needed, such as repositioning teeth with orthodontics prior to reconstructive work (crowns, bridges, implants). There may be areas that require periodontal treatment before, during and/or after orthodontic treatment.  Whatever the situation, we look forward to discussing treatment options with you!

Children & Adolescent Treatment
Adult Orthodontic Treatment


Clear, removable aligners are another mode of tooth movement. Aligners work best in mild to moderate malocclusions. A series of aligners are worn over a period of months.


The number of aligners as well as the number of months in  treatment will vary from patient to patient and will be directly dependent upon the amount of correction needed and most importantly - patient compliance.  Because the aligners are removable excellent compliance is needed for tooth correction to occur in the estimated treatment time period.